How to Cleanse & Prepare for the Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program designed to teach you how to cleanse and gently detox your body from the inside out. I think it’s important to note that this program is focused on the insides, not the outside. Yes, one of the benefits will be weight loss when you commit to The Ultimate Reset, but that is not the only reason we choose to cleanse, detox and reset.

How the Ultimate Reset Works & How to Cleanse the Body Gently

This is more than just a cleanse. Instead, it’s a 21-day process of eliminating certain foods and toxins from your diet, cleaning up your system, relaxing the nervous system, removing coffee and caffeine, and providing antioxidant support for the immune system.

When you decide you want to fully cleanse your body from the inside out, it’s best to take a gentle approach. That’s why the Ultimate Reset is a full 3 weeks. 3 weeks allows your body to slowly move into the detoxification process without a major jolt to your body.

Think about a young child on the edge of a diving board who is scared to jump off. Do you push this child off and risk traumatizing her/him forever? Or do you work up to jumping off the big diving board before going all in? Think of your body as that little child. It’s not worth the risk to jump right in. That’s why the Reset has 3 phases.

3 Phases of The Ultimate Reset

In Phase 1, you’ll RECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing it for change. In Week One, you’ll gradually remove foods such as red meat and dairy from your diet, which are known to place stress on the digestive system.

In Phase 2, you’ll begin to RELEASE unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and start the detoxification process. In Week Two, you’ll be eating a fully vegan diet.

In Phase 3, you’ll help RESTORE your digestive system along with other internal processes to better efficiency, putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body. In Week Three, you’ll be eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

Prepare for the Ultimate Reset

It’s best to start preparing for the Reset at least a week before you start with some small adjustments. This will make it easier on your body when you start.

1. Wean yourself from caffeine.

I’m not a coffee or soda drinker myself, but I know it can be hard to stop cold turkey. Cut back now, so your body will not be as shocked when you start. The first couple days you’ll likely have a headache if you’re used to having that caffeine each day.

2. Wean yourself from packaged foods and alcohol.

No alcohol or packaged foods are allowed while doing the Reset, so it’s best to start decreasing those habits now, little by little.

3. Clear some things on your schedule.

The first time I did this – and I hear this a lot from my other clients when they first do this program – I was pretty tired for a few of the days. My body was working extra hard to detox and release toxins. PLUS, most social gatherings are centered around food and you probably don’t want the temptation. Although you can do this AND still live life so don’t let an event coming stop you from committing to this. I had my sister in law’s bridal shower this time and a holiday gathering and I still made it work! Just make sure there’s fruit and veggie options around so you don’t feel deprived.

4. Prepare yourself mentally.

I’ve done it three times now, so it’s easy for me to jump in and start, but that wasn’t always the case. When I did this for the first time, I was nervous and a bit scared, not really knowing what to expect. If you are feeling that way – it’s perfectly normal! I suggest writing daily in your journal, if you don’t already, about your reasons for committing to this and the results you are excited for! And be sure when your reset comes in the mail, to read through the entire info manual. It is SO helpful and really made a huge difference in my mindset entering the 3 weeks with a positive outlook and a better idea of what to expect.

5. Let important people in your life know you will be cleansing.

I’d say this is important so they know that you may need more support during this time. Take a moment to reflect on what kind of support you may need from these people while you are cleansing.

FAQs about The Ultimate Reset

I get a lot of questions about this program from women who are ready, but just need a little more information to make the final decision. If that’s you too, keep reading!

Can I still work out while doing the Reset?

Light workouts where you are not working up a sweat are great. It’s nice to move your body in a gentle way while you are resetting. I tend to do a lot of yoga, walking and anything low impact like some of the PiYo workouts. I’m also a fan of a good stretch and foam roll sesh. If you continue doing intense workouts, your body will have to spend that extra energy recovering from that instead of doing the inside work that is intended with this program. So enjoy a low key 3 weeks and allow your body to rest and recover so you can feel amazing for your workouts once you’re done.

How expensive is the food each week?

Depending on what you have in your pantry will determine your grocery bill. This is why I recommend getting your kit early and checking out the shopping lists. Check out the farmers market and watch the sales in your local grocery store. Also, think of it this way… the money I saved by not eating out for 3 weeks pretty much covered the costs and then some.
How difficult are the recipes? I’m not sure I have a lot of time to prepare food. There’s a full 21 days of meals laid out for you in the manual with a wide variety of options. I am pretty picky and not very adventurous with my foods so I simply choose a few of the meals for each week’s breakfast, lunch and dinner options and then repeat those within the phase. This way, I can batch cook and prep the meals all at once and it saves tons of time!

What if I don’t like the recipe in the meal plan?

Can I eat something else? Absolutely as long as the foods are included on the plan! Like I mentioned, I don’t eat quite a few of the recipes. But I make sure that I’m only eating foods that are within other recipes and I also make sure that I keep my choices close to the meals that they recommend. So if there’s a carb, veggies and healthy fat in one meal but I don’t like what it is, I’ll just make sure I choose foods that stick with the carb, veggies, and healthy fat food groups that are compliant with the reset foods. Definitely try new foods and expand your palette , but if you know you aren’t gonna like something, don’t make this an experience you just get through…. it really is possible to enjoy all your meals and love this entire process so pick your foods accordingly.

In case you’re wondering what the food actually looks like, here are a few photos to show you… 

How to Cleanse

As you can see there are plenty of great options for food and you will not go hungry!

Where do you fit in your Shakeology each day?

I prefer to have my shakeology each day for my afternoon snack. I also add my power greens to my shake if I have it at that time so that I don’t have to chug it with water. If I know I’m gonna be out and about or don’t have solid food options around, I’ll save my shake for that meal with some veggies to munch on along with it. It’s always super nice to have a plan B in case life throws you a curveball, you still won’t get derailed.

Speaking of power greens, how is the best way to drink that?

If you aren’t adding it to your shake, I just add it to about 8 oz of cold water and chug it! It doesn’t taste great but by the end you actually get used to it. My first time, I had to plug my nose and chug it (yes, sometimes I still act like a 10 year old) but it worked for me to get it down and after a few days I didn’t even mind it!

How do you make sure you get all the supplements in on time and stay on track?

I set alarms in my phone that also told me what I needed to take at that time. This is a MUST! Staying on track with your supplements is a really important part of this so make sure this is a priority. Also, the timing is just a guideline. If you’re an early riser, you’ll need to space out the gaps in between or it will have you eating dinner around 2 pm! So just make sure to take the supplements at least 30 minutes before you eat and then the gap after your meal until you take your next round of supplements can be longer than the 2 1/2 hours so you’re eating your main meals around your normal times and the snack if you need it between lunch and dinner.

Ready to Reset???

Awesome! I am excited for you. It is a transformational process and I have a feeling you’ll be a whole new woman on the other side of this journey!

Please check out Part 1 of The Ultimate Reset series here on my blog to learn more about it and how you can join me next time I do it! I do the Ultimate Reset twice a year, once in Spring and once in Fall.

You can always email me at 

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