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folsom no burnout masterclass

You’re ready to STOP feeling like you have to choose your business over what matters most to you in life in order to grow it.


You’re ready to START living fully aligned with your highest priorities while also seeing massive growth in your business without ever burning yourself out.

You pride yourself on building your business in the mom cracks even though you’re stalking Instagram stories the entire day and avoiding the actions that actually move your business forward.

You tell your family all this sacrifice will be worth it. You’re spending hours a day grinding, but your team isn’t doing anything and you feel like you’re talking to yourself on social media.

Builders are quitting faster than you can recruit.


And success doesn’t feel like it’s happening fast enough.

You read all the personal development, listen to all the podcasts, get on all the team calls and see the top leaders in your company walking across stage being celebrated and you start to doubt yourself, thinking….


The thing is, you’re a hard worker and more than willing to fight for the future vision of your life…

✔︎ Financial freedom that allows you to pay off credit card debt and take that trip to Disney you’ve been putting off for years

✔︎ Creating a team full of women that are willing to show up and do the work

✔︎ A 6 or 7 figure business that still allows you to walk your kids to the bus and welcome them with open arms when they walk in the door

✔︎ The cabin on the lake to create precious memories with your family

✔︎ Saying yes to every dance camp and all the drum lessons his heart desires

✔︎ The spark in your marriage that you know still exists

✔︎ That walk across the stage as you show your team what’s possible

Here’s the hard truth….
you are missing something.

And the only way I know that is because I’ve spent a lot of time with industry leaders and it’s clear that I’ve done things DIFFERENTLY. 

I’ve been able to build my business (on a dead leg) to earn more than 10M in cumulative earnings over the last 10 years WITHOUT ever burning out or sacraficing my passions or time with my family. 

Micah and 2 ladies enjoying time on a boat

The Difference is Walking the No Burnout Road.

And you don’t have to do it alone. 

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50% OFF Today Only!!

Ignite Your Life Is For The Network Marketer Who Is….

✔︎ Ready to build a 6 or 7 figure income working less than 20 hours a week.

✔︎ Seeing some success, but wants more joy and less overwhelm.

✔︎ Trying to scale into more impact and income but doesn’t know where to focus or what to do next.

✔︎ Called to realign business practices, processes and activities in order to find more purpose, flow and harmony.

✔︎ Burnt out and ready to QUIT, but is open to giving it one more shot and really make this work.

I am loving everything about your course.

You keep everything simple! You are down to earth and 100% my person! I am loving everything about your course. I have finally gotten over my block of writing out my vision and recording it. Also, I have had no systems, and it almost made me not want to build my biz because it’s stressful to know what to do with people. So, I love that I am learning how to put my own systems into place for both onboarding team members and clients.

Katie Thayne Evans

Not even joking – my income has doubled since working with Micah!

The energy of being with this brilliant, joyful woman and soacking in all of her knowledge, tips, and tricks was everything I needed.I have never been more clear on my mission, who I’m serving, and why it matters. Not even joking – my income has doubled since working with Micah and my clients have been lighting my soul of fire. All because she helped me overcome my biggest obstacle – my belief in myself.

Kerry Cheadle Briscoe

micah and family in the mountains

Hi, I’m Micah Folsom!

Wife to a cattle rancher + large animal vet, mom to 6 kids, host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, and have been building a multi 7 figure network marketing business for the past 10 years. And we even homeschool these cuties on our small farm in Idaho.

Sounds like a lot, right? And guess what?!? I’m not even losing my shiz! ha!

I created Ignite Your Life because I want to share with you the exact roadmap that has allowed us to build a wildly successful and deeply fulfilling business and life.

If I can do it, so can you. Everything you want and feel called towards is possible for you too.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been in the network marketing industry, in the health & fitness space. I’m a top leader within my company and still actively build my business. My goal is not to have you join my team, but to unlock your next level of growth, success and impact in your chosen network marketing company.

I absolutely love our industry and want to empower and equip you to experience way more success in life without having to sacrifice everything you love most in order to achieve it.

And most importantly, I want to help you do it in a way that feels joyful and aligned with your values.

Ignite Your Life will help you achieve everything you want and so much more. Let’s get started!

What’s Included When I Enroll Today?

Modules 1-6
Modules 7-12

Module 1

Becoming Limitless

Remove Fear, Reframe Failure & Sacrifice, Let Go of Limiting Stories, Improve Your Self Image

Get clear on what's possible for your life when you learn how to manage your fear, let go of limiting stories, and improve your self image so that you become extremely consistent and never lose motivation.

Module 2

Defining Your Success

Get Aligned, Set Goals that Light You Up, Learn The Art of Saying No

Get clear on what actually matters most to you by setting aligned goals that fulfill you each and every day, so that you sky rocket your network marketing business.

Module 3

Mornings & Vision

Build a Solid Morning Routine, Create Your Vision Story, Become Committed

The goal of a morning routine is not to check the boxes. Learn the secret to feel alive each day regardless of how much time you get to yourself.

Module 4

Brand & Expand

Build Your Brand, Find Your Voice, Identify Your Pillars, Expand Your Market

Unlock the 4 pillars of personal branding, so you easily increase your following and convert them into paying customers and dedicated teammates.

Module 5

Sales With Soul

Reframe Sales, Build Income, Overcome Your Sales Roadblocks, Access my Personal Success Tracker

Become a 7 figure sales machine who instantly beats objections and confidently shares your products and opportunity with as many people as possible.

Module 6

Systems To Simplify

Master Your Instagram, Simplify Onboarding, Automate Your Emails

7 figure CEOs don't just wing it, we have systems. Create the discipline and structure within your business to experience the freedom you crave.

Module 7

CEO Habits

Set Business Hours & Boundaries, Learn Time Blocking, Power Pockets & Habit Stacking, Delegate

Discover how successful network marketers grow their business while still honoring family values and highest priorities.

"Yes! It's actually possible to work less and make more." ~Micah Folsom

Module 8

Build Your Empire

Master Recruiting, Attract Your Dream Team, Empower Your Team

Become a recruiting rockstar and discover how to quickly build belief in your new team members, so that your volume and paychecks increase.

Module 9

Ignite Your Leadership

Cast Team Vision, Build a Strong Culture, Balance Acquisition & Retention

This is where team becomes family. People will join you and actually stay with you.

Module 10

Build Your List

Simplify Email Marketing & Funnels, Access My Monthly Email Marketing Flow

Stop living in your DMs. Email marketing DOES NOT need to be overwhelming. Unlock the greatest asset to a 7 figure business.

Module 11

Avoid Burnout

Absolute Alignment, Long Term Perspective, Keep Your Fire Lit

This is where it all comes together. Discover how prioritizing your family over business is the key to unlock 7 figure success.

Module 12

Build Your Legacy

Create Generational Wealth, Prioritize Family Harmony

Building your legacy starts now. Live out your highest priorities so that you build a level of wealth & harmony that impacts your family for generations to come.

Ok, How Much Is My Investment For Ignite Your Life?

Ignite Your Life may not be cheap and there’s a reason for it.

It shows you exactly how to build a 6 or 7 figure network marketing business working less than 20 hours a week without burnout.

It’s not some $249 course that tells you to send 10 more invites and follow/unfollow 50 more people to grow your engagement. It’s a powerful investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life and help you pour into ALL your passions. This is about creating a life and business(es) you LOVE. This is about creating a life on your terms without sacrificing what you love most.

It’s a transformation that frees you from the burnout and overwhelm that gets in your way every time you try to succeed. It’s exactly what I’ve done to create 10M in income in the past 10+ years.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, it’s an easy choice.

I’m a returning student of Ignite Your Life and I just went through the vision module again today and I don’t know how I’ve never heard her say it, but Micah said to listen to your vision in order of your ideal day. So it’s not shuffled.

It’s not a random order. It’s the story of your day. But that’s not how I’ve done it. I have my vision recorded, plus some affirmations to combat the negative thoughts – but it was set to shuffle them so they didn’t “flow”.

Just went through and restructured it so it’s set to go in order of my day and it’s all current for what my vision currently is, and then listened to it and WOWWWWWW that made a difference!!! I got choked up multiple times listening and if you know me I do not cry so that’s big. And it all flowed so when it went from my morning to my workout and how I feel in my body to my work goals to my family life, etc it all made so much more sense because that’s the order my ideal day goes

Ashley McClellan

My business started to skyrocket!

Micah has brought out the absolute best in me, taught me so much about business and has really made me grow as a leader. Once I started working with Micah directly, my business started to skyrocket. I needed her in my life to help me get to the nxt level. She brings out the best in me and her “do your crap” attitude that suits me and the way I think so perfectly. She is such a joy, so real and down to earth and I feel so blessed to know her and with her!

Sandra Nishiyana

50% OFF Today Only!!

Choose Your Investment Path

Do you value splitting for your investment into 2 payments?

$ 799/m for 2 months
E90-day money back guarantee

This is not a subscription service and therefore you cannot cancel. By taking this option you are agreeing to pay the full 2 months of payments for a total investment of $1,598.

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I Have Some Extra “Goodies” For You

The 12 Modules of Ignite Your Life will help you totally align your business with your most important priorities. When you join Ignite Your Life, you also get 3 extra bonuses to make your progress even faster, and your success even easier!

Bonus #1:

Recruiting Masterclass w/ Billion Dollar Earner, Justin Prince ($297 Value)

ignite your life bonus 2

Justin has built 5 multimillion-dollar businesses, generated 2 billion+ in revenue, & shared stages around the world with icons like John C. Maxwell, Jamie Kern Lima & Ed Mylett.

Yet, he was raised in a broken home, had no college education, and used to work construction and flip pizzas. His first business left him below-zero financially. His first sliver of success came while raising his kids in a 1-room loft above his in-laws’ garage.

His story has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to Be The One.

Justin Prince is a genius at recruiting and I’m so excited to share his knowledge and systems with you!!

Bonus #2:

My Personal Takeaways from a Weekend in Napa w/ Brendon Burchard ($197 Value)

brendon burchard ignite your life bonus

This is an EXCLUSIVE masterclass only available to Ignite Your Life students & my team. No one else gets access to it! I got to spend a weekend with Brendon Burchard and 19 other top industry leaders to talk sales, leadership and personal growth. Here’s What I’ll Cover:


  • Two Sides of the Coin
  • How to get your team RE-engaged
  • Secret to Sales & Content Creation
  • Success Trajectory
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • One Statement that Changes Your Sales Game
  • Ship It

Bonus #3:

One Free Ignite Your Life 12-Week Inner Circle Session

I host one Inner Circle Session per year ($1897 value)

Micah and some of her team in the mountains having conversations about business

Think of the Inner Circle like the ultimate 12-Week Year Mastermind. In 12 weeks time, we will go through my entire Ignite Your Life Program – which covers ALL THE THINGS in your business and life to create alignment in all you do as we go through each module. I only offer this once per year (in the Fall) and it is open to all IYL members. Each new IYL member gets their first session free when they purchase IYL!

Upcoming Sessions

September – November 2024
*Inner Circle in-person retreat in Nov 2024*

Exclusive FB Message Thread

w/ Micah and Inner Circle Session Members

6 Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls

Happening every other week. These are recorded and you have lifetime access.

Review all 12 modules in IYL

One module per week and two modules per zoom call.

Capped at 100 students

For more connection & mentorship w/ me!

Micah Folsom in black dress

Ignite Your Life Is The Missing Link to Create Your Legacy Direct Sales Business without Burnout

You should only join Ignite Your Life if you want to…

  • Wake up each morning without feeling rushed and behind, excited for your kids to barge in and give you a big hug.
  • Create sustainable systems that allow you to scale to 6 and 7 figures without overwhelm or missing your kids grow up.
  • Increase followers and engagement on social media that actually convert to paying clients and dedicated team members.
  • Prioritize your family over your business and still see success without burnout.
  • Grow your team with the right people who align with your values and energy.
  • Become the confident mentor your team needs so you build a downline of leaders who do not rely on you.

Picture Your Life When You…

micah on tree swing on the beach

✔︎ Give to your kids schools, your local church or even surprise your husband with that dream Alaskan fishing trip because you have complete financial freedom.

✔︎ See your team walking across stage being recognized for earning over a million dollars with your company.

✔︎ Spend summers at your cabin on the lake or renting an RV and hitting up the National Parks with your family.

✔︎ Go on couples trips without the kids to keep your spark alive 😉

✔︎ Wake up every morning in your dream home on 40 acres that’s been on your vision board for the past 5 years.

✔︎ Experience peace, gratitude and satisfaction knowing you were the one who broke the chains of mediocrity in your family.

Are you ready to make a choice that’ll impact everything?

Not only how you do business, but also the legacy you create for your family.

50% OFF Today Only!!

Do you value splitting for your investment into 2 payments?

$ 799/m for 2 months
E90-day money back guarantee

This is not a subscription service and therefore you cannot cancel. By taking this option you are agreeing to pay the full 2 months of payments for a total investment of $1,598.

Pay Up Front and Save Now!

$ 1,498 pay in full
ESave $100 vs taking the payment plan option
E90-day money back guarantee
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